memory-leak in 1.2.11

Jochen Karrer (
Fri, 21 Jul 95 9:32:01 MESZ

There is a memory - leak in 1.2.11
I found the following:

- Before khoros was on the HPFS-Partition there was no leak
now there are about 17000 Files on the HPFS-partition
- If the HPFS-Partition with khoros is not mounted there is no leak.
- Everytime a execute any programm on any partition the memory decreases by
4kB if the HPFS-Partition is mounted. There is no Path to the OS/2 Partition.
When I unmount the hpfs-Partition again, the leak is gone, but I don't get
lost pages back.
- The HPFS-Partiton has no errors (says chkdsk)
- The lost Pages have a usuage-count of 1 in the mem_map from the kernel,
they are not marked as reserved (0x8000).
- The lost pages don't get swapped out, the free swap is about 25 MB when
X dies because of low memory.
- I tried Kernel 1.2.3 from Slackware-Bootdisk and 1.2.9 and 1.2.11 with
gcc-263 and gcc-258. The leak is always there.
- I'm not sure, but maybe the EXPAND makro from swap.c was the last one
modifying mem_map. (I added a debug_map and wrote a code to the
debug-map in most places where mem_map is modified, and found that
there is 0xabcd in the debug_map, which I wrote in EXPAND. )

How can I find this leak ?