problems with unexpected crash

Jeremy Hall (
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 15:09:58 -0500 (CDT)


I was working today, and ran tcpdump on my network. I have been running
it several times, but this time, tcpdump was running and I killed it - it
was in the background and I sent a regular term to it. At the point when
it normally sets the card for 1 address instead of -1 addresses,
promiscuous mode, the computer locked entirely, preventing even capslock
from working. The kernel version is 1.3.10, and a 3c509 ethernet card.
Since I am not sure what you want in the way of what else is compiled
into the kernel, I won't send unnecessary information. The 3c509 has
never given me problems until now. I did tell it I wanted a production
kernel. :-) Also, there is absolutely no errors what-so-ever recorded and
the console was blank since nobody was logged into it.

Any help would be sappreciated.

-- I'm using my X-RAY
VISION to obtain a rare glimpse of the INNER WORKINGS of this POTATO!!