3rd/4th.. IDE ports

mark (mlord@bnr.ca)
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 12:44:00 -0400

>> 168 and 1e8. Should another two major device numbers be added to support 4
>> or do you feel four IDE devices is enough?
>That would be very useful. However, it would be good if the I/O port and
>IRQ for those ports can be specified as nonstandard on the kernel
>command line, esp. since some sound card manufacturers have started to
>ship IDE controllers (sometimes with nonstandard I/O+IRQ) on their

That's how it is being implemented.. command line parms for all
IDE ports, probing is done only for the primary/secondary at the
"standard" ports.

>You can have major numbers 34 and 35 for this purpose (or any two
>numbers you prefer between 34 and 63); please let me know if that is
> /hpa

34,35 will do nicely.

(the IDE guy)