16-bit read/operation on ISA-bus

Student Mark Smit (smit@xvnews.unconfigured.domain)
20 Jul 1995 09:34:39 GMT

Hi folks,

I don't know if this question belongs to this group, because it's my first attempt to
use this possibility of help. Anyway here it comes:

I try to comunicate under the Linux environement with a 16-bit custom pc board.
Linux provides a predefined device /dev/port and you can use the open/write/read
commands. Unfortunately these commands work with characters and therefore perform
only(?) 8-bit read/write procedures. But I need a complete 16-bit operation.

I know that there are commands like inb, outb, ... to perform direct communication
with the I/O ports but I don't know which include files I have to include.
(There is a definition of inb, outb, ... in the file asm/io.h, but later on compilation
the internal commands __inb, __outb, ... are unknown.

Maybe there is a library file I have to link during compilation for use of these
commands, or there are some appropriate commands for my problem. Because of having
no ducumentation I'm a little bit helpless.