Problems with Netscape and 1.3.x

Jared Roberts (
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 12:17:18 -0700 (PDT)

I've been experiencing some problems running some apps in X since I
upgraded to 1.3.x. Sometimes when brosing, the machine grinds to a
near-halt, the disk drive starts racing, and everything is near frozen.
Moving the mouse works.... with about a 10 second delay. I can't switch
Vconsoles easily (keyboard response is _very_ bad), or even
Ctrl-Alt-Del. This happens regardless of whether I am using a swapfile or
not. If I do manage to switch Vconsoles out of X, all logins are
blocked, and typing "halt" produces no results, and I'm forced to turn
off the machine with all filesystems mounted, and the disk light racing.

Another problem I have is with xterm. There's about a 25% chance that it
won't open. Sometimes an error message is printed on the Vconsole that
opened X (usually something about being unable to find a font, but
sometimes not). At this point, trying again always fails... Again, this
is with 1.3.x only, it never happened with 1.2.x. One possible cause is
a badly setup /etc/termcap, which hasn't been fully updated with the
console/linux switch thing that happened in 1.3. Still, this is unlikey,
given that xterm would not be using either of these terminal types, but
it was all I could think of... :(

My system:
Pentium 90Mhz
16Mb RAM
8Mb Swap (sometimes - usually don't need it much on a singe user system)
PCI IDE Hard Drive - Expains why system is so slow when disk is on...

Working Config:
Linux 1.2.10 (aout) compiled with gcc 2.5.8
UMSDOS filesystem
XFree 3.1.1 (aout) w/ mach64 accel. server
Netscape 1.1N (aout)

Unhappy Config:
Linux 1.3.11 (ELF) compiled with gcc 2.7.0
UMSDOS filesystem
XFree 3.1.1 (aout) w/ mach64 accel. server
Netscape 1.1N (aout)

I hope this helps!

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