16-bit read/write operations on ISA bus

Bernhard Friebe Student (friebe@xvnews.unconfigured.domain)
19 Jul 1995 15:34:58 GMT

Hi folks,

I'm new to this newsgroup (and Linux), and not shure if this question really belongs here, but anyway here it comes:

I am trying to comunicate with a custom pc board with help of the linux provided
device /dev/port and the open/write/read operations. However these are 8-bits (char) only (that's what I think) and I need to perform 16-bit operations.

I'm aware that there are existing operations like outb, inb, ... for direct ISA-bus
comunication, but unfortunately I have no information which file I have to include
in my C source or in which files these operations are defined (if I include io.h,
where a definition of inb, outb, ... is given, the internal functions __outb, __inb, ... are unknown on compilation).

I'm aware that this is a really unprecise question, but I would be very happy if
anyone could give me some help.