Re: make modules in 1.3.10

Leo Spiekman (
Wed, 19 Jul 95 11:31:47 METDST

Andrew Anderson ( wrote:

>I have an IDE only system, and I had to 'touch drivers/scsi/scsi_syms.ver'
>in order to get modules to compile. This is all I've noticed so far.

I'm still at 1.3.9 (IDE only system, too), and I noticed that ld gets a
segmentation violation while making the scsi modules. When I comment out the
LD_RFLAG = -m elf_i386 in drivers/scsi/Makefile, everything is fine.

This LD_RFLAG has been there at least since 1.3.7 (which is as far as I
bothered to look back), but only from 1.3.9 does make modules try to make scsi
modules when you say [n] to scsi during config.

I have gcc 2.6.3 and no ELF, as far as I know. It comes fresh from the
slackware 2.2.0 distribution on the March'95 InfoMagic CD.

Am I _supposed_ to have this SEGV, because I failed to upgrade to gcc 2.7.0?
Or should there be an #if around the LD_RFLAG to save the day when one
specifies no elf in config?

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