Re: 1.2.11 troubles on Intel Premiere/PCI II ?
Mon, 17 Jul 95 21:09:31 CDT

Gerhard Schneider ( wrote:
>Kernel: 1.2.8 and 1.2.11
>Distribution: Slackware 2.3
>gcc: 2.6.3 (a.out)
>Hardware: Pentium P90 Premiere/PCI II motherboard (BIOS 1.0.10 up to
> NCR 53c815 SCSI (3.0.6), SMC EtherPower PCI (SMC 8432BT, Tulip)
>For 1.2.8 the board works well with the above hardware and software
>(old and new tulip driver).
>For 1.2.11 there is no bootup problem, no kernel panic, no anything, only
>gcc and various other programs are dying w/ signal 11 while starting.
>It's not the typical one of signal 11 while compiling the kernel
>memory, cache) - it's while starting. I'm confused.
>The same software (1.2.8 AND 1.2.11) (and hardware) is doing well on a P60
>with a cheap 586SP4 motherboard.

First off, sorry this is being replied to so late. At home, I have a
Gateway P90 (Overclocked
to 100MHz), 40MB RAM, 1.08GB SCSI-2 Funitsu HD, Adaptech 2940 SCSI
controller. When
I was in the process of upgrading from Linux 1.2.11 to Linux 1.3.4 when I
got this error:
gcc: Internal compiler error: program cc1 got fatal signal 11.
This was running gcc i2.6.3 (Pentium compiler, -m 486 flag), Linux 1.3.4.
I started worrying that
my gcc was broken so I changed back to gcc 2.5.8 (from a Slackware
release). Again, I got
the same error. I rebooted the machine back to the 1.2.11 kernel and this
time the 2.5.8 gcc
AND the i2.6.3 gcc worked. To make sure it was not a fluke, when I
rebooted back in to
the 1.3.4 kernel, I still got the same error.
Each time, I did a "make clean ; make zImage" in the 1.3.4 source tree
and each time it
stopped on the sched.c source code. Unfortunatly, I don't have this exact
setup anymore
since when I tried to upgrade to a later Slackware release of GCC I
accidentally deleted my
i2.5.8 (Pentium) compiler and a whole chunk of my /usr directory.

Has anyone else seen any weird behavior with the compiler under the 1.3.4
kernel, or does
the 1.3.5 or greater kernel fix things?


* Dan Linder - Inacom NSSC