Re: /proc/ioports: no floppy; 4 channel IDE support; a couple of questions

H. Peter Anvin (
17 Jul 1995 20:50:38 GMT

Followup to: <>
By author: David E A Wilson <>
In newsgroup:
> Q1) Under 1.2.10 whan I cat /proc/ioports I see all the i/o ports used by my
> hardware except the floppy disk drive. Why is that so?
> Q2) Apparently there are standard addresses for 3rd & 4th IDE channels at
> 168 and 1e8. Should another two major device numbers be added to support 4
> or do you feel four IDE devices is enough?

That would be very useful. However, it would be good if the I/O port and
IRQ for those ports can be specified as nonstandard on the kernel
command line, esp. since some sound card manufacturers have started to
ship IDE controllers (sometimes with nonstandard I/O+IRQ) on their

You can have major numbers 34 and 35 for this purpose (or any two
numbers you prefer between 34 and 63); please let me know if that is


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