Re: IP forwarding broken in 1.3.10

Eugenio Jimenez Yguacel (
Sun, 16 Jul 1995 23:28:20 +0000 (GMT)

On Sun, 16 Jul 1995, Luca Spada wrote:

> Hi...
> just installed 1.3.10 and IP forwarding/gatewaying is no longer working
> on my Linux. Any idea or is a bug ?
> Bye
> Luca Spada (
Hi all,
Just the same problem. I have a PPP link between two Linux boxes; one at
home and another one at University (my ISP :-)). I can connect to the
"PPP server" (University) but nothing else. No ping to other machines, no
ftp... The "PPP server" is running with ProxyARP enabled and it do publishes
the route. Of course, the kernel is compiled with IP forwarding too.
This bug? doesn't happen with 1.3.9, only with 1.3.10.
I'm using pppd-2.1.2d
Ideas, comments, blames ???
Good Linuxing

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