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Jeff Newbern (jnewbern@babar.mit.edu)
Sun, 16 Jul 1995 17:04:57 EDT

Do you remember those heady days in December '92 when 0.99 was released?
I am compiling a timeline of important events in the development of Linux
for the Linux Publicity Project. 0.99 was released in December of 92.
At that time, Linux had an X server and basic TCP/IP connectivity. Linux
1.0 was not released until March 1994. So what went on for that year?

As I recall, that time was a very expectant time, when everyone was
anxious for 1.0 to be released. There was little new functionality
introduced, it was mostly cleaning up what was there and working toward
stability. The biggest thing I remember from that time was the
networking war (wars?) but I would rather not get into that in the
timeline :-)

So I am appealing to all of you to fill in the gaping hole in my timeline
that is 1993. What were the significant developments in Linux (both
technical and non-technical) during that period.

Thanks for the memories,
Jeff Newbern

Jeff Newbern Linux Publicity Project http://babar.mit.edu/LPP/LPP.html