Re: FTP fs possible? worthwile?

lk (
Sun, 16 Jul 1995 11:39:33 -0700 (PDT)

this has been done..
it's called 'arcfs' and was distributed with userfs.. which I am not
sure if it still works in newer kernels (i wish it did!)...
kernel support for userfs's would be very very cool

On Wed, 12 Jul 1995, Harik A'ttar wrote:

> Reply-to:
> Ok: I had a thought the other day on an FTP fs, similar to NFS and the
> /proc system. Essentally: All it would be is a directory structure.
> I.E. /ftp/
> This would be held in files: probably gzipped ls -lR
> if you read a file, it would attempt to connect, and fetch the file
> (into a definable size cache) I.E. you could
> cd /ftp/
> ls
> (provides most recent ls of the directory)
> cat README
> fetches README from the correct dir into buffer, and then cat's it.
> Connect-on-demand is supported (lynx, ncftp, etc) so that wouldn't be
> too hard to do. For administratiors: Since, while browsing directory
> listings, they arn't actually CONNECTED to the site, only to fetch a
> file, how much would this reduce load?
> Anyway, I havn't more then started looking into this project,
> (mostly looking for a skeleton fs device to pick apart)
> but I would be glad to try my hand at it if people
> thought it was a good idea.