Re: FTP fs possible? worthwile?

H. Peter Anvin (
16 Jul 1995 20:34:28 GMT

In article <>,
Harik A'ttar <> wrote:
>Ok: I had a thought the other day on an FTP fs, similar to NFS and the
>/proc system. Essentally: All it would be is a directory structure.
>I.E. /ftp/

Someone already implemented this on top of userfs (due to the nature
of FTP, you do *not* want to implement this in user space).
Unfortunately, userfs hasn't been updated lately -- which IMHO is a
major bummer.

In fact, FSP may be a better protocol than either FTP or NFS for
across-WAN file sharing; it was popular for a while but then sort of
became obscurized. Big bummer, IMHO.


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