Next 1.2.x ???

Gary Anderson (
Sun, 16 Jul 1995 00:49:24 -0400 (EDT)

Well, I haven't seen anyone ask this lately, so here goes.
When's the next 1.2.x (1.2.12 ?) release ?
I haven't seen any announcement from Linus that work has stopped on
1.2.x, and there seems to be (according to an answer I saw from Remy on
this list) at least one bug left in the kernel (actually part kernel,
part e2fsck) that really needs fixing - the lockup problem Remy spoke of
on July 2:

" Basically, the problem is due to a filesystem corruption
which is badly handled in the kernel code and which is not checked by
e2fsck. "

Yes, I know most of the kernel hacking effort is being expended on 1.3.x
right now, but there's a fair number of us hanging back at the 1.2.x
point. It just gives me a bit of an uneasy feeling, knowing there's an
identified bug waiting to do nasty things to my filesystem.

Something else occurred the other day. I telnet'd in to my machine,
Did an 'ls -a' of a directory on a mounted filesystem. The listing hung
part way through. Since my machine is connected to the net via a ppp
connection, I had to wait till I got home that night to see what had
happened. Screen was blank, ppp connection had dropped (probably due to
time-out from my provider's annex server), but DTR light on the modem was
still lit (isn't when I shut ppp down gracefully). System was totally
locked. Could not change v.c.'s, and since screen was totally blank,
couldn't tell if there had been any panic messages. Had to mash the
reset button. No messages in the syslogs at all at the time of the crash.

I suspect this might be one of the 'lock-ups' I've seen several
references to lately, but fortunately no damage was done to the file

Will there be another 1.2.x that addresses the remaining problems ?

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