Bug report : TR driver

Pascal ANDRE (andre@via.ecp.fr)
Wed, 12 Jul 1995 23:28:50 -0400 (EDT)

So ... the situation : since kernel 1.3.6, token ring driver no longer
works... As I already had looked through the TR driver, I tried to find
the problem, but my knowledge of linux TCP/IP stack is too small and I
don't have enough time to look at it, I post my results :

- ARPing and RIFing (token ring source route) are ok
- ping TO the new kernel is ok (if both machines are on the same ring)
when machines are not on the same ring, the new kernel receives the
packet, but can't answer to it ...
- ping FROM the new kernel don't works
- all TCP/IP functions are ok, but only on the same ring

The problem seems to come from the modification of skbuff .
the token ring problem seems to come from the fact that the transmit
function is unable to build a nice packet from the given buffer.
My question is simple : where is the TCP/IP code that prepares (globally)
the packet to be send ? (I have seen many different entry point, but I
would like to know if there is one point that is more 'global' and that
could affect most of the packet).

thanks for your answers.

ANDRE Pascal, student at Ecole Centrale Paris, FRANCE