WFW shares
Sat, 15 Jul 1995 15:21:30 -0400

I have 1.3.10 and the system for mounting WFW shared drives won't compile on
my system. I can compile without difficulty without saying yes to support
for the file system in my config file. I'm in the process of becoming an
internet provider, and I only have 2.75 Gigabytes on my local system. The
office network is WFW and WinNT and I want to access the other 4 or 5
gigabytes that we have in the office, without paying for NFS server programs
for every computer. Can anyone help me get the fs for WFW shares working?
Also, off of the main subject, I'ld like to ask about where I could get a
compiler to support ELF. I want to try the kernel in ELF, but my current
compiler won't compile the kernel when I say yes to compile kernel as ELF.
any help would be greatly appreciated.

Lewis Cawthorne (