kerneld moved into the kernel?

Harik A'ttar (
Wed, 12 Jul 1995 08:55:29 -0400 (EDT)

Any plans to move support for kerneld into the source tree?
It is (IMHO) A very nice extension to the modules idea,
and really helps me memory wise (kenel size down 125k
with allmost EVERYTHING made as modules.) with me
only having 8 meg (I know, get more memory)

The actual changes to move it into the kernel _SHOULD_
be rather minor, as I have kept it in in all versions
since 1.3.3 with no unresolvable rejects (currently 1.3.8)

On the same note: Anyone gotten it to work with CSLIP?
I seem to have to modprobe slip before I run my script,
otherwise it dosn't catch it. Strange, but

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