Re: Userfs 0.8(.1) with kernel 1.2.9? (fwd)

H. Peter Anvin (
12 Jul 1995 03:41:02 GMT

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> Have you continued work on userfs? Am I likely to have any luck if I
> tried an older version of the kernel includes, but with a 1.2.9 kernel?
> Or am I just out of luck?
> My interest in userfs is the ftp filesystem, and the possibility of
> expanding it into a general url filesystem, allowing "more
> /url/http/" or similar. (A bad example, because I'm
> not suggesting the filesystem would actually format the .html file)

It would make more sense having httpfs, ftpfs (already exists),
gopherfs, etc... having a urlfs seems to be unnecessary complex and
not general enough, plus that the different access methods used have
very different characteristics. Mount httpfs on /url/http, ftpfs on
/url/ftp, etc, and you have it.


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