A problem with MCDX (Linux 1.3.9)

yves lavaux (100646.3100@compuserve.com)
14 Jul 95 12:10:26 EDT

After the compilation of the new ALPHA MCDX driver (XA/Multissession/no audio)
in the kernel and after its boot, MCDX wrote :

mcdx: Version @VERSION@ $Id: mcdx.c, v 1.2 1995/06/18 18:00:53 heiko $
Warning - bdflush not running.
mcdx: init malloc failed

But if MCDX is compiled in the form of a MODULE, there is no problem (neither
warning nor malloc failed).
Is it possible that it comes from the size of the structure "mcd_stuff" : Has
someone got an idea ?