Modutils 1.87.4

Johannes Ruscheinski (
Mon, 10 Jul 1995 22:35:48 -0700 (PDT)

Hi everybody,

I hope I'm not posting this to the wrong list! But here is the problem
I'm experiencing. I've built an ELF patched 1.2.8 and modutils I've had no problem building the kernel. I've had some
problems building some of the modules but the one I really care about
seems to be ok (dummy.o). First of all a comment: the modutils required
some manual intervention in "module.c" and "module2.c" when building
them with gcc 2.7.0 (it's the for-loop scope problem). This should be
fixed to ease acceptance of ELF by the user community (H.J.?).
Now when I try to insert dummy.o I get:

(looksym) kernel_version undefined

Where am I screwing up? We're a Linux ISP and I'm getting desperate.
I've built 1.2.8 in a non-standard location but linked it to
This didn't fix my problem. Looking in /usr/src/linux/version.h I see
UTS_RELEASE is "1.2.8" as it should be. So now I'm clueless :(
*Any* input would be appreciated!


__o Dr. Johannes Ruscheinski
\<, Cyberdyne Systems
()/ () Proudly running Linux!!!

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