Linus Torvalds (
Tue, 11 Jul 1995 09:47:33 +0300

Ok, I made linux-1.3.9 available on the normal ftp site (
and This release does:

- updates the sound driver to voxware 3.0 (Hannu Savolainen)
- corrects a few checksum bugs in the alpha code: I now have reports of
alpha networking working over ethernet (depca, ne2000, most probably
de4x5) and ppp.
- axp ptrace() added (Bob Manson)
- ide driver update (and the partitioning code updated to know about
disk manager partitions). Mark Lord.
- seeq8005 network driver. Hamish Coleman.
- scsi code updates. Eric Youngdale & assoc.
- extended ext2fs directory entry checking. Remy Card.

I also hope lance ethernet chips will work again now..