(E)IDE: 4 ports, DMA, etc..

mark (mlord@bnr.ca)
Sun, 9 Jul 1995 10:57:00 -0400

>>Q2) Apparently there are standard addresses for 3rd & 4th IDE channels at
>>168 and 1e8. Should another two major device numbers be added to support 4

The first enhancement will be to allow boot-time specification of
the IDE port addresses. At the same time, I will look into expanding
the number of supported interfaces (compile time flag) as well,
but that is not as high a priority as other items on the list.

>Is anyone working on support for the (E)IDE DMA transfer modes? I've

Not that I know of. Most drives support DMA, and most IDE interfaces
do NOT support DMA. Of those that do, each appears to have invented its
unique interfacing method (like SCSI adaptors). Until there exists an
obvious "dominating" interface type, I will not be giving it much
attention. Others are more than encouraged to have a go at it in the
meanwhile, and I'll provide any necessary hooks/integration in the
basic ide driver.