Re: 1.3.8 binfmt_elf change.

Drew Eckhardt (
Sun, 09 Jul 1995 00:04:40 -0600

In message <199507080704.CAA01734@Isis.MsState.Edu>, mhp1@Ra.MsState.Edu writes
>In my opinion, if you are compiling the kernel in ELF (not just compiling
>in ELF support) then the default core file should still be ELF instead of
>a.out as compiling the kernel in ELF implies having ELF development tools.

Compiling the kernel in ELF implies having an ELF GCC and binutils

It does NOT mean that you have an ELF GDB, or that the ELF GDB
you do have works properly.

>Could you make CONFIG_KERNEL_ELF affect this in 1.3.9 Linus?

I'd make the core dump format a.out until we're positive that the
ELF core files are correct and readable by the ELF GDB; a new
version of which HJ just uploaded to tsx-11.