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> From: (MainMan)
> Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 00:25:05 +0100 (GMT+0100)
> Subject: A proposal, an idea, and something else...

> I noticed that the traffic on the list is very low, so I'll throw something
> in...

You must have a problem receiving it... I get around 800 lines/day of

> Why don't we put a request_mem in the kernel? After all, there are many
> memory-mapped devices for which we have a driver, and having two devices which
> map memory on the same range is guaranteed to be destructive... If we have a
> function for IRQ and one for io ports, I ask why not for memory ranges?

This came up in the newsgroup recently. I think it is a good idea to
add such a registry (including the corresponding file in /proc), just like
it now exists for interrupts, DMA channels and I/O ports.

> Then: I'm using 2.6.4-950530 to compile the kernel, and I get tons of warnings.
> Since I don't like that at all, I'll start looking around to stop them. But I
> don't like doing useless work, so if somebody thinks it's not a good idea, tell
> me now!

Don't be tempted to just "stop warnings". Only do it when you know you are
improving the code. Defeating the warnings by throwing in casts you may be
hiding bugs.

> Lastly: I was thinking about creating a /proc/serial/* hierarchy like the new
> /proc/scsi. I don't know you, but since I do consulting job, mainly to ISPs and
> mainly remotely, I'd like to be able to find in a single place everything I
> can. This would include:
> Hardware port type
> Resources used (irq, io port)
> Buffer length/used/free
> Hardware status of control lines (CD, RTS, CTS, DTR)
> Software status of the port (closed, open for callin, open for callout)

Could be nice... note that the first two can be retrieved by setserial
and the control line status could be done in such a program as well.
When you are at it, you could include things like baudrate, bits, stopbits,
parity as well.


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