Re: printk, klogd

Zygo Blaxell (
Fri, 7 Jul 1995 23:09:22 -0400 (EDT)

Quoted from Joe:
> Anyone can figure this out, but here's my /etc/syslog.conf:
> [...]
> #####tty logs
> *.=debug;mail.none /dev/tty15
> *.warn;auth.*;mail.none /dev/tty14
> mail.* /dev/tty13
> *.* /dev/tty16
> #
> # This might work instead to log on a remote host:
> # * @hostname
> #end of syslog.conf
> And I also change the text color of these VCs during startup, just so
> I know that they're something different, but that's just me being
> silly.

I have the syslog write to /var/log/messages, and run 'tail -f
/var/log/messages' in respawn lines in /etc/inittab. It's a consequence
of running with the Secure Attention Key enabled: you don't want random
users killing syslogd...

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