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Fri, 7 Jul 1995 10:30:33 +0200 (MET DST)

According to
> From: Drew Eckhardt <>
> Date: Wed, 05 Jul 1995 01:19:27 -0600
> Subject: AM53/79C974 and NCR5380 SCSI driver striking similarities
> Sorry if this isn't a bit more eloquent and to the point; I'm
> trying to illustrate the code which is common to two moderate
> sized SCSI drivers, am a bit flakey after most of a day of
> hacking, and felt that this was important enough to take care of
> now and not at some later date.
> Comparing NCR5380.h and AM53C974.h, I see a hint of resemblance between
> your driver and mine -

[ long comparison between drivers deleted ]

Well, you are not the only victim.... this happens all the time!

The SCC driver which is found in 1.3.x is for a large part a copy of an
old version of an SCC driver which is copyright by me. This copyright
has been removed as well.
The current maintainer tries to make as many changes as he can without
breaking things, but there is still a large number of code lines that are
still the same (including the comment!) as in the original version.

The situation is very much like what you described in your comparison,
with the only difference that there is a one-line remark "thanks to
Rob PE1CHL for good ideas" in the header of the driver. What would be
your position in such a case?


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