Re: Kernel panics during boot of 1.3.7

Linus Torvalds (
Fri, 7 Jul 1995 10:36:15 +0300

Karl Keyte: "Kernel panics during boot of 1.3.7" (Jul 6, 17:24):
> I just built kernel 1.3.7 and after checking the file systems
> I get a panic every time:
> Kernel panic: skput:over: 0019e584:60
> In swapper task - not syncing
> Anyone have any idea about this?

It seems the new skbuff routines aren't entirely stable ;-)

Anyway, could you check out the function that is indicated by the first
number (look it up in, read the README on how to fine EIP
numbers in crashes). Also, it would be very useful to know what in your
setup triggers this - could you check your rc files to see exactly what
command it is that gets this happening?