Re: scsi device errors

Eric Youngdale (
Thu, 6 Jul 1995 20:27:29 -0400

On Jul 6, 12:28am, J. Alan Eldridge wrote:
> Subject: scsi device errors
> I just had a case where a command to a SCSI cdrom got no response - it's
> the device just locked up - and the kernel reset the SCSI bus and killed
> processes the were blocked on the device. (FWIW kernel 1.2.9 (a.out)
> an all-ELF system (FT from lasermoon). CD is a Chinon CDS-535 < 1 month
> I've two questions:
> 1. Could the driver somehow have sent the device off to lala-land?

Perhaps. You did not tell us which driver you are using.

> 2. What state is the kernel in after the reset? A reboot resulted in lots
> messages indicating that the buffer cache was confused to some degree (the
> "Weird...." messages about finding clean buffers where it shouldn't). Was
> reboot necessary? There was no OOPS or anything like that... but it just
> didn't look like it could be too healthy after reporting an I/O error on
> swap-partition device immediately following the SCSI reset.

Corrupt buffer cache? This is a new one on me. Is your disk drive
also attached to the same scsi adapter?


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