Re: Solid hang with 1.2.x

Steven Youngs (
Wed, 5 Jul 1995 09:19:28 +0100

> I just added a second IDE hard drive, and now whenever I try to do
> anything to it (like even sometimes "mke2fs"), after a bit the system
> will hang completely. No response to anything, not even VC switches. I
> had used both drives together under DOS before, but I think that I had
> the current slave drive as master and the current master as slave.
> Could this be the problem?
> Current master: Western Digital WDC AC2540H
> Current slave: Maxtor 7213 AT

I've recently had this problem as well. I did not arrive at a
solution, and instead, suggested that our customer bought another non
Maxtor hard disk. Alas, I can't remember the exact model number, but
it was a new ~500Mb IDE drive. It was to be added as a slave drive
on the primary IDE controller (An Intel Pentium 100 motherboard,
using the PCI IDE controller). The primary drive was an WD AC2540.

> I can run benchmarks under DOS on both drives, and there are no problems
> with accessing both (I have also tried poking around with Norton utils
> just to see if it would lock). No lockups under DOS.

Ditto. The BIOS found it properly, and I ran our DOS diagnostics

> What is going on here?

I've got no idea!! In the past, I seem to remember problems with some
drive hardware. Maybe this Maxtor drive has buggy firmware or


Steven Youngs
N.C. Graphics (Cambridge) Ltd.