Re: Solid hang with 1.2.x

Derek Wildstar (
Wed, 5 Jul 1995 01:45:36 -0700

> I just added a second IDE hard drive, and now whenever I try to do
> anything to it (like even sometimes "mke2fs"), after a bit the system
> will hang completely. No response to anything, not even VC switches. I
> had used both drives together under DOS before, but I think that I had
> the current slave drive as master and the current master as slave.
> Could this be the problem?
> Current master: Western Digital WDC AC2540H
> Current slave: Maxtor 7213 AT
> I tried this with 1.2.11 (compiled in a.out with gcc 2.7.0), and I FTPed
> a 1.2.8 kernel from Slackware (ELF beta) as well just to check. Same
> problem.
> I can run benchmarks under DOS on both drives, and there are no problems
> with accessing both (I have also tried poking around with Norton utils
> just to see if it would lock). No lockups under DOS.
> What is going on here?

it may be a few my experience with two Maxtor drives (one 345M
from a few months ago and a 1280M from a few weeks ago), they seem to
coexist much better with western digital if they are set to be master (in
fact, my 345M won't even work with my old western digital 120M). If you
are using hdparm to set multi sector reads, etc, you might want to try
leaving the setting at the default and see if that clears the problem
up. Please mail me directly if you have any problems, or if I am
completely off base and misunderstood your problem...I have had a total
of 5 different IDE drives and a 4x cd-rom in my system (not at the same
time, unfortunately ;) ), and have become quite comfortable with
configuring drives to work with each other, on one and two IDE channels.

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