Volunteers wanted...

David S. Miller (davem@caip.rutgers.edu)
Sun, 2 Jul 1995 15:57:52 -0400

I'm look for people who wish to help me run the linux vger mailing
lists. The sheer size and immense bulk of the administration I have
to take care of for the various lists is becomming unsurmountable at
this point. So, I would appreciate if people would volunteer their
time to help run various lists. Send me mail at
davem@caip.rutgers.edu if you are interested, and tell me which list
you wish to help with.

Basically you will have to handle unsubscription requests for people
having trouble getting off a list and unsubscribing people whose email
addresses are bouncing frequently, etc.

I will give people who volunteer the list password and instructions
for doing administration via majordomo email commands to perform
various tasks.

Thanks in advance for your help.

David S. Miller