Re: HArdware support for multiport?

molyvos (
2 Jul 1995 00:21:18 GMT

In article <>, Steven Youngs <> says:
>> Hello,
>> I need some hints in order to buy a multiport card for a Linux box. I
>> don't know which of them are currently supported into the Linux kernel.
>Hi Sebastian,
> I've recently looked into multiport serial cards (I assume that
>whats you mean) for my employers. From the information I managed to
>glean, it would appear that the following makes are supported
>directly by the kernel
> cyclades (4, 8, 16 port I believe)
> Boca - bit unsure about this one
>I have also been told that the following cards have drivers (but not
>as part of the standard kernel)
> Specialix -
> DigiBoard -
>We have just (2 days ago) decided to evaluate the Digiboard 8 port
>offering, but it hasn't arrived yet so I can't tell you any more.
>My first choice was a Cyclades card, but I don't seem to be able to
>source them in the UK, and nobody seems to have heard of Boca cards
>either. The specialix driver was described as the last Alpha release on
>17th April when I saw the .lsm file. I guess it has probably advanced
>a bit since then!!
>Anyway, thats about all I know at the moment. I'm very interested in
>finding other multiport solutions. Could you send me a summary of any
>info you get??
>Steven Youngs
>N.C. Graphics (Cambridge) Ltd.

I have bad experience with the DigiBoard PC/16e.
I can't get to work.