Re: [PATCH V4 0/6] soc: imx8mp: Finish support for HDMI

From: Joao Paulo Goncalves
Date: Thu Feb 15 2024 - 10:25:32 EST

>The i.MX8M Plus has an HDMI controller, which depends on several
>other systems. The Parallel Video Interface (PVI) and the
>HDMI-TX are already in the Linux-Next staging area 20240209, but
>the HDMI PHY driver and several device trees updates are still needed.

>This series is adapted from multiple series from Lucas Stach with
>edits and suggestions from feedback from various attemps, but it
>since it's difficult to use and test them independently,
>I merged them into on unified series. The version history is a
>bit ambiguous since different components were submitted at different
>times and had different amount of attempts.

>The previous attempt I did used the wrong starting point for the PHY,
>so this update includes a newer starting point with tags from that version
>and fixes from various people's feedback. I hope I caught them all, but
>I apologize if I missed something. Any tags from the previous attempt I
>made were intentionally dropped, because of the significant change,
>but I kept tags from the newer version I grabbed from patchwork.

>Because several items from the last attempt were merged, this
>series is only focussed on adding the HDMI PHY driver, and enabling
>the power domain, irqsteer interrupt controller, and HDMI pipeline
>in the device tree. The version numbers are a bit strange since
>these all got pulled from various attempts with different versions,
>but I wanted to push them together as a series to complete the pending

Tested-by: Joao Paulo Goncalves <joao.goncalves@xxxxxxxxxxx> # Toradex Verdin iMX8MP


Joao Paulo Goncalves