RE: [PATCH v15-RFC 0/8] Add support for Sub-NUMA cluster (SNC) systems

From: Luck, Tony
Date: Tue Feb 13 2024 - 14:02:39 EST

> With SNC enable, the L3 monitors are unaffected, but the controls behave as if they were
> part of some other component in the system.

I don't think of it like that. See attached picture of a single socket divided in two by SNC.
[If the attachment is stripped off for those reading this via mailing lists, if you want the
picture, just send me an e-mail.]

Everything in blue is node 0. Yellow for node 1.

The rectangles in the middle represent the L3 cache (12-way associative). When cores
in node 0 access memory in node 0, it will be cached using the "top" half of the cache
indices. Similarly for node 1 using the "bottom" half.

Here’s how each of the Intel L3 resctrl functions operate with SNC enabled:

CQM: Reports how much of your half of the L3 cache is occupied

MBM: Reports on memory traffic from your half of the cache to your memory controllers.

CAT: Still controls which ways of the cache are available for allocation (but each way
has half the capacity.)

MBA: The same throttling levels applied to "blue" and "yellow" traffic (because there
are only socket level controls).

> I'm a little nervous that the SNC support looks strange if we ever add support for
> something like the above. Given its described in ACPI, I assume there are plenty of
> machines out there that look like this.

I'm also nervous as h/w designers find various ways to diverge from the old paradigm of

socket scope == L3 cache scope == NUMA node scope


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