RE: [PATCH v15-RFC 0/8] Add support for Sub-NUMA cluster (SNC) systems

From: Luck, Tony
Date: Mon Feb 12 2024 - 14:58:01 EST

>> To be honest, I like this series more than the previous series. I always
>> thought RDT_RESOURCE_L3_MON should have been a separate resource by itself.
> Would you prefer that your "Reviewed-by" tag be removed from the
> previous series?

I'm thinking that I could continue splitting things and break "struct rdt_resource" into
separate "ctrl" and "mon" structures. Then we'd have a clean split from top to bottom.

Doing that would get rid of the rdt_resources_all[] array. Replacing with individual
rdt_hw_ctrl_resource and rdt_hw_mon_resource declarations for each feature.

Features found on a system would be added to a list of ctrl or list of mon resources.