Re: [PATCH] spi: spi-mem: add statistics support to ->exec_op() calls

From: Mark Brown
Date: Mon Feb 12 2024 - 08:42:22 EST

On Mon, Feb 12, 2024 at 04:43:55PM +0530, Dhruva Gole wrote:
> On Feb 09, 2024 at 14:51:23 +0100, Théo Lebrun wrote:

> > + /*
> > + * We do not have the concept of messages or transfers. Let's consider
> > + * that one operation is equivalent to one message and one transfer.

> Why 1 message _and_ 1 xfer and not simply 1 xfer?
> Even in the example of testing that you showed above the values for
> message and xfer are anyway going to be same, then why have these 2
> members in the first place? Can we not do away with one of these?

If the device supports regular SPI operations as well as spi-mem
operations then this will ensure that the spi-mem stats fit in with the
other operations. If it only supports spi-mem operations it would not
matter so much.

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