Linux regressions report for mainline [2024-02-11]

From: Regzbot (on behalf of Thorsten Leemhuis)
Date: Sun Feb 11 2024 - 05:02:28 EST

Hi Linus, from the regressions point of view it's afaics business as
usual and nothing to worry about.

A fix[1] for a boot failure for on Apple M1 took the wrong path, but
that was noticed and it hopefully should arrive in your tree during the
next week[2].


Ciao, Thorsten


Hi, this is regzbot, the Linux kernel regression tracking bot.

Currently I'm aware of 7 regressions in linux-mainline. Find the
current status below and the latest on the web:

Bye bye, hope to see you soon for the next report.
Regzbot (on behalf of Thorsten Leemhuis)

current cycle (v6.7.. aka v6.8-rc), culprit identified

nvmem: boot failure for linux-6.8-rc1 on Apple M1

By Arnd Bergmann; 19 days ago; 12 activities, latest 1 days ago.
Introduced in 0331c611949f (v6.8-rc1)

Fix incoming:
* nvmem: include bit index in cell sysfs file name

[ *NEW* ] usb: typec: boot issues on rk3399-roc-pc due to revert

By Mark Brown; 2 days ago; 1 activities, latest 2 days ago.
Introduced in b717dfbf73e8 (v6.8-rc3)

Recent activities from: Mark Brown (1)

[ *NEW* ] `lis3lv02d_i2c_suspend()` causes `unbalanced disables for regulator-dummy` and `Failed to disable Vdd_IO: -EIO`

By Paul Menzel; 8 days ago; 2 activities, latest 2 days ago.
Introduced in 2f189493ae32 (v6.8-rc1)

Recent activities from: Mark Brown (1), Paul Menzel (1)

md/raid5: issue with raid5 with journal device

By Dan Moulding; 19 days ago; 38 activities, latest 3 days ago.
Introduced in bed9e27baf52 (v6.8-rc1)

Fix incoming:
* Revert "Revert "md/raid5: Wait for MD_SB_CHANGE_PENDING in raid5d""

sched: DT kselftests on meson-gxl-s905x-libretech-cc fail

By Mark Brown; 19 days ago; 15 activities, latest 5 days ago.
Introduced in b3edde44e5d4 (v6.8-rc1)

Fix incoming:
* topology: Set capacity_freq_ref in all cases

Regression by b17ef04bf3a4 ("drm/amd/display: Pass pwrseq inst for backlight and ABM")

By Salvatore Bonaccorso; 14 days ago; 4 activities, latest 12 days ago.
Introduced in b17ef04bf3a4 (v6.8-rc1)

Recent activities from: Salvatore Bonaccorso (1)

Noteworthy links:

current cycle (v6.7.. aka v6.8-rc), unknown culprit

[ *NEW* ] fs/9p: "netfs: Zero-sized write" failures during ldconfig test

By Eric Van Hensbergen; 15 days ago; 7 activities, latest 10 days ago.
Introduced in v6.7..v6.8-rc1

Fix incoming:
* netfs: Fix missing zero-length check in unbuffered write

End of report

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