[PATCH v1 00/19] hid-ft260: Fixes for serial driver patch v4

From: Michael Zaidman
Date: Sat Feb 10 2024 - 16:52:47 EST

Modifications on top of "[PATCH v4 RESEND] hid-ft260: Add serial driver"

They are mostly the fixes to the original v4 patch and should be melded into
the v5 patch rather than upstreamed as separate patches.

Michael Zaidman (19):
hid-ft260: fix incompatible-pointer-types error
hid-ft260: fix Wformat warning
hid-ft260: fix i2c driver regression in ft260_raw_event
hid-ft260: remove dead code in ft260_uart_receive_chars
hid-ft260: fix unprotected write_buf concurrent access
hid-ft260: uart: enable wakeup workaround
hid-ft260: depend wakeup workaround activation on uart baud rate
hid-ft260: depend wakeup workaround activation on eeprom config
hid-ft260: uart: wakeup device early to not lose rx data
hid-ft260: uart: do not configure baud rate twice
hid-ft260: uart: do not disable wakeup workaround twice
hid-ft260: uart: use kfifo_avail for fifo write room check
hid-ft260: improve usb interface type detection logic
hid-ft260: uart: cleanup and refactoring
hid-ft260: uart: remove FIXME for wake-up workaround
hid-ft260: uart: suppress unhandled report 0xb1 dmesg
hid-ft260: uart: arm wake-up timer unconditionally on tty session start
hid-ft260: uart: fix rx data loss after device reopening
hid-ft260: uart: improve write performance

drivers/hid/hid-ft260.c | 330 ++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
1 file changed, 185 insertions(+), 145 deletions(-)