Re: [PATCH 2/2] x86/MCE: Add command line option to extend MCE Records pool

From: Sohil Mehta
Date: Fri Feb 09 2024 - 15:16:35 EST

On 2/9/2024 12:02 PM, Naik, Avadhut wrote:

> Is it safe to assume that users will always want to increase the size of the
> pool and not decrease it?
> IMO, the command-line option provides flexibility for users to choose the size of
> MCE Records pool in case, they don't agree with the CPU count logic. Just added it
> to ensure that we are not enforcing this increased memory footprint across the board.
> Would you agree?

Not really. Providing this level of configuration seems excessive and

To me, it seems that we are over-compensating with the calculations in
the previous patch and then providing a mechanism to correct it here and
putting this burden on the user.

How about being more conservative with the allocations in the previous
patch so that we don't need to introduce this additional mechanism right
now? Later, if there is really a need for some specific usage, the patch
can be re-submitted then with the supporting data.