Re: [PATCH v14 41/53] ASoC: Introduce SND kcontrols to select sound card and PCM device

From: Takashi Iwai
Date: Fri Feb 09 2024 - 05:38:51 EST

On Fri, 09 Feb 2024 00:13:54 +0100,
Wesley Cheng wrote:
> Add SND kcontrol to SOC USB, which will allow for userpsace to determine
> which USB card number and PCM device to offload. This allows for userspace
> to potentially tag an alternate path for a specific USB SND card and PCM
> device. Previously, control was absent, and the offload path would be
> enabled on the last USB SND device which was connected. This logic will
> continue to be applicable if no mixer input is received for specific device
> selection.
> An example to configure the offload device using tinymix:
> tinymix -D 0 set 'SNDUSB OFFLD device select' 1 0

As I mentioned in another patch, the control element name should be
more understandable. The same applied even for ASoC stuff.
The current name is way too cryptic.