Re: [PATCH] docs: staging: fix typo in docs

From: vincenzo mezzela
Date: Fri Feb 09 2024 - 03:48:18 EST

Il giorno gio 8 feb 2024 alle ore 23:42 Jonathan Corbet
<corbet@xxxxxxx> ha scritto:

Hi Jon,

> Vincenzo Mezzela <vincenzo.mezzela@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> So your fix is fine, but I need to point out a couple of things with the
> changelog.
> > This patch resolves a spelling error in the documentation found
> > with codespell.
> If you look at Documentation/process/submitting-patches.rst, you'll see
> that changelog text should be phrased in the imperative mode; no "this
> patch". I tend not to be too fussy about that, but some maintainers
> will reject a patch out of hand for that, so it's a good thing to learn
> to avoid.
> > It is submitted as part of my application to the "Linux Kernel Bug
> > Fixing Spring Unpaid 2024" mentorship program of the Linux Kernel
> > Foundation.
> This is interesting (I'd never heard of the Linux Kernel Foundation),

My mistake, I should have written LInux Foundation.

> but it's not really relevant for the kernel development history. If you
> want to put this kind of information in a submission, put it after the
> "---" line so that it doesn't end up being committed with the patch.

Thank you very much for the corrections, I'm still in the process of
learning. I will pay more attention next time :)

> > Signed-off-by: Vincenzo Mezzela <vincenzo.mezzela@xxxxxxxxx>
> I have gone ahead and fixed up these things and applied your two
> patches, thanks.

Thank you,