@ X, Fair Source Philosophy (Was Low Jitter)

From: Ywe Caerlyn
Date: Fri Feb 09 2024 - 00:55:19 EST

Yes, I did a translation of The Kuranic Prayer, as a example of the fluency of it.

For Ge, The Grand, The Good
Hail Ge, Don Of The Cosmos, The Grand, The Good
Guard of The Day of Doom
You only we worship, and You only we ask for help
Guide us in the right path,
The path of those you have favoured, not of those,
who have earned your wrath, and not of those who have strayed.

This should be no problem to adapt for the faith side of things.
Wellknown expressions, clear english.

Again, I am on that side of things: https://www.youtube.com/@Ywe_Caerlyn_Norway

And I have also done research on the other side, based in the 90s Satellite/Rave/Cracking culture: https://www.youtube.com/@Labour_Party_Elw

Where the correct angle here is labour party politics, and a sentiment of Ban Bukhari, the sectarian book of extremism. Which really is the only sane angle on this, which was the maddest period in world history ever? Breivik also "just a raver" from here, claimed christian.