Re: [net-next PATCH v2] octeontx2: Add PTP clock driver for Octeon PTM clock.

From: Jakub Kicinski
Date: Thu Feb 08 2024 - 21:51:40 EST

On Tue, 6 Feb 2024 23:40:09 +0530 Sai Krishna wrote:
> The PCIe PTM(Precision time measurement) protocol provides precise
> coordination of events across multiple components like PCIe host
> clock, PCIe EP PHC local clocks of PCIe devices. This patch adds
> support for ptp clock based PTM clock. We can use this PTP device
> to sync the PTM time with CLOCK_REALTIME or other PTP PHC
> devices using phc2sys.

A bit of an odd driver, somewhat similar to what Amazon described.
You register a PTP clock but there's no PTP involved. Also you call
pci_get_device() instead of binding to a proper bus.

Please repost this, add linux-pci and the PCI maintainers to the CC.
It'd be great to get their acks (in addition to Richard's).
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