Re: [PATCH v4 01/12] nvdimm/pmem: Fix leak on dax_add_host() failure

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Thu Feb 08 2024 - 17:12:40 EST

On Thu, 8 Feb 2024 17:04:52 -0500 Mathieu Desnoyers <mathieu.desnoyers@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > The series seems useful but is at v4 without much sign of review
> > activity. I think I'll take silence as assent and shall slam it all
> > into -next and see who shouts at me.
> >
> Thanks Andrew for picking it up! Dan just reacted with feedback that
> will help reducing the patch series size by removing intermediate
> commits. I'll implement the requested changes and post a v5 in a few
> days.

Yup. I'll leave v4 out there for testers to bet on.

> So far there are not behavior changes requested in Dan's feedback.
> Should I keep this patch 01/12 within the series for v5 or should I
> send it separately ?

Doesn't matter much, but perfectionism does say "standalone patch please".