Re: [REGRESSION] `lis3lv02d_i2c_suspend()` causes `unbalanced disables for regulator-dummy` and `Failed to disable Vdd_IO: -EIO`

From: Mark Brown
Date: Thu Feb 08 2024 - 09:34:50 EST

On Fri, Feb 02, 2024 at 12:38:04PM +0100, Paul Menzel wrote:

> Testing commit 2f189493ae32 (i2c: i801: Add lis3lv02d for Dell XPS 15 7590)
> [1], it’s very likely this commit, it turns out, that Linux logs the warning
> below during ACPI S3 suspend:

The driver is just buggy here AFAICT, it's powering off the device in
both runtime suspend and runtime resume so if the device is runtime
suspended when system suspend happens then it'll power off the device
again. The runtime suspend and system suspend need to talk to each
other here.

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