@ X Referance Concept (Was Fair Source Philosophy, Low Jitter Configuration)

From: Ywe Caerlyn
Date: Thu Feb 08 2024 - 01:09:25 EST

I found a common concept for both russian script and italic, Geo (The Grand The Good). This also factions the popular "God", which is desirable aswell.

This is max Fair Source Philosophy, keeps what is of it, of established religion in both russia and the west, compatible with the east.

Mistranslation of Allah is also now Ale on the Ban Bukhari channel.
I grew up with Ale, and anyone recognizing this, will probably recognize the humour aswell. (Only possible in a "christian" society).


This was the result of "Al Ghazali" "finalizing interpretation" for the related sects. (The Kuran was already finalized, so this is nonsense aswell).

- Did you know Git seems to be based on St. Bit aswell?