Re: [PATCH v5 13/19] KVM:VMX: Set up interception for CET MSRs

From: Chao Gao
Date: Sun Aug 06 2023 - 21:16:44 EST

>> > + if (kvm_cpu_cap_has(X86_FEATURE_IBT)) {
>> > + incpt = !guest_can_use(vcpu, X86_FEATURE_IBT);
>> can you use guest_can_use() or guest_cpuid_has() consistently?
>Hmm, the inspiration actually came from Sean:
>Re: [RFC PATCH v2 3/6] KVM: x86: SVM: Pass through shadow stack MSRs - Sean Christopherson ( <>
>it would make the code more reasonable on non-CET platforms.

then, can you switch to use guest_cpuid_has() for IBT here as you do a few
lines above for the SHSTK? that's why I said "consistently".