Re: [PATCH] media: venus: firmware: Use of_reserved_mem_lookup()

From: Stanimir Varbanov
Date: Wed Aug 02 2023 - 07:55:33 EST

Hi Stephan,

On 2.08.23 г. 11:57 ч., Stephan Gerhold wrote:
Hi Stanimir,

I see that you already tagged the Venus updates for 6.6, but could you
try to still apply this patch as well for 6.6? It's a requirement for
some DT cleanup I'm working on and ideally needs to go in a kernel
release earlier to avoid bisect problems.

AFAICT it's been on the list for more than two months now with two
Reviewed-by, so should be fine to just apply it. :)

Done, thanks for the reminder.