[PATCH v3 0/3] Support ROHM BU27010 RGBC sensor

From: Matti Vaittinen
Date: Wed Aug 02 2023 - 03:36:54 EST

Support ROHM BU27010 RGBC + flickering sensor.

Following description copied from commit log:

> The ROHM BU27010 is an RGBC sensor with a flickering detection FIFO. The
> RGBC+IR sensor functionality is largely similar to what the BU27008 has.
> There are some notable things though:
> - gain setting is once again new and exotic. Now, there is 6bit gain
> setting where 4 of the bits are common to all channels and 2 bits
> can be configured separately for each channel. The BU27010 has
> similar "1X on other channels vs 2X on IR when selector is 0x0"
> gain design as BU27008 had. So, we use same gain setting policy for
> BU27010 as we did for BU27008 - driver sets same gain selector for
> all channels but shows the gains separately for all channels so users
> can (at least in theory) detect this 1X vs 2X madness...
> - BU27010 has suffled all the control register bitfields to new
> addresses and bit positions while still keeping the register naming
> same.
> - Some more power/reset control is added.
> - FIFO for "flickering detection" is added.
> The control register suffling made this slightly nasty. Still, it is
> easier for maintenance perspective to add the BU27010 support in BU27008
> driver because - even though the bit positions/addresses were changed -
> most of the driver structure can be re-used. Writing own driver for
> BU27010 would mean plenty of duplicate code albeit a tad more clarity.

Revision history:

v2 => v3:
- minor styling and added comment
- rebased on iio-fixes-for-6.5a which contains prerequisite patches
v1 => v2:
- make vdd-supply required binding.
- Some re-ordering for struct member init.
- Some re-ordering for code to get rid of function declarations.
- Tidy up the mess from patch 2/3.
- Refactor parts from 3/3 to 2/3.
- Clean-up commented out code and tidy things in general.


Matti Vaittinen (3):
dt-bindings: iio: ROHM BU27010 RGBC + flickering sensor
iio: light: bu27008: add chip info
iio: light: bd27008: Support BD27010 RGB

.../bindings/iio/light/rohm,bu27010.yaml | 49 ++
drivers/iio/light/rohm-bu27008.c | 630 ++++++++++++++----
2 files changed, 565 insertions(+), 114 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/iio/light/rohm,bu27010.yaml

base-commit: 8a4629055ef55177b5b63dab1ecce676bd8cccdd

Matti Vaittinen, Linux device drivers
ROHM Semiconductors, Finland SWDC
Kiviharjunlenkki 1E
90220 OULU

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