Re: [PATCH] cxl/mbox: Fix debug message print

From: Ira Weiny
Date: Tue Aug 01 2023 - 14:48:28 EST

Alison Schofield wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 31, 2023 at 01:52:27PM -0700, Ira Weiny wrote:
> Looks like this is rolling for the distro list, so..
> Please be more specific than this:
> [PATCH] cxl/mbox: Fix debug message print
> Something like this is more useful to folks scanning the one-liners:
> [PATCH] cxl/mbox: Use correct handle in events debug message

That is better thanks!

> > The handle value used to report an event being cleared by dev_dbg() is
> > incorrect due to a post increment of the payload handle index.
> >
> > Delay the increment of the index until after the print. Also add the
> > debugging for event processing which was useful in finding this bug.
> >
> "Also" always smells like something that should be a separate patch.

It could be but I did not see this as something which warranted its own
patch as it lead me to fix the bug. Since Dan feels the fix should be
backported that changes my attitude.

> I guess you could rewrite the commit message and keep it in one patch:
> [PATCH] cxl/mbox: Improve event dev_dbg() messages

Except that misses that this is a bug fix.